Accredia Center


SM Metrological laboratory has been accredited as SIT calibration Center no. 041M in 1988. With the introduction of the Calibration Laboratory Department, ACCREDIA took over the SIT (Servizio Italiano Tarature).

The calibration certificates are issued according to LAT no. 041 accreditation. ACCREDIA certifies the measurement, calibration and metrological performance of the Center, according to UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard. The calibrations carried out refer to national and international specimens of the Standard International System of measurements.

The ACCREDIA certificates issued by the SM Center, being part of the National Calibration System (Law 273 of 11/08/1991) are officially valid in Italy and with mutual acknowledgement in the other countries adhering to EA (European Cooperation for Accreditation), ILAC- MRA.

In order to supply a complete calibration service to its customers, SM collaborates with other accredited Laboratories, within the National Calibration System sphere. An original ACCREDIA certificate is provided to the client, with the calibrated instrument.



Manager: p.i. Cristian Caprioglio

Substitute: Eng. Alessandro Deiro 

Quality assurance: p.i. Giulio Caprioglio


The accreditation table specify:
  - the measurements for which the Center is accredited;
  - the types of instruments that the Center can calibrate or types of measurements it can perform;
  - the measurement ranges and relative measurement conditions;
  - the relative accredited measure uncertainties, that represent the minimum uncertainty levels that the Center is authorised to declare in Accredia certificates; these levels must be intended as symmetric more or less values, compared to the measured value.


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