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Roughness testers

RT 10

RT10 roughness tester is the basic tester of the range. This instrument is ideal to measure
pieces directly on work stations or production machinery.

RT 10 G

RT10G roughness tester was born from the success obtained by RT10; easy to handle
and reliable like the basic version, it also carries out advanced analyses...

RTP 80

RTP80 roughness tester, easy to handle and user-friendly, allows to characterize even
the most complex surfaces, easily and conveniently.

RT 90 G

RT90G roughness tester is unique in its category because it features a built-in calculation unit
and measurement procedure, thus being the first ''All-in-one’’ roughness tester


The WARPsurf roughness tester gives in a single portable instrument the capability
to perform both roughness and profilometry analysis.

RT 120

RT120 was conceived from the need to characterise
roughness and micro-profiles on pieces, even complex ones....


Specimens are available for calibration and the functional check of instruments,
produced according to ISO 5436 standard;

SW Measurement Studio

Measurement Studio program was conceived as external interface for the elaboration of
data measured by portable SM roughness testers

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