Metrological laboratory

SM laboratory, located in Volpiano, Via Brandizzo 182, founded in 1984, deals with industrial and scientific instruments for tests, maintenance, calibration and certification. It features an air conditioned metrological room within a temperature range of 20° C±0.5°C, humidity 50% ± 10%, with dynamic insulation from the external environment, and in addition, since 2010, an additional air conditioned room has been added, set-up by company Branca, with controlled temperature ranging from 20° C±0.2°C for more accurate measurements. It is equipped with measurement instruments and machinery, certified specimens that refer to primary national and international specimens. The activities are carried out by highly qualified staff inside the internal laboratory, and at customers' premises, when possible. It operates according to the requirements set forth by international standards, and it implements Technical and System’s Procedures for each calibrated measurement. The Quality Manual contains in an orderly and updated fashion, the internal rules and guidelines for corporate management and the Quality System.




SM Laboratory, which is equipped with suitable instruments, procedures and certified specimens, carries out calibrations on multiple measurement instruments, releasing a ''Calibration Report" after testing, referred to national or international specimens, also stating the associated measurements and uncertainties. This way, the user can comply with the requirements set forth by UNI EN ISO 10012 standard, according to which each measurement instrument must be regularly subject to a metrological test. The main phase of this test consists in the calibration procedure, which must be carried out by a competent and accredited laboratory. The calibration report also complies with the requirements set forth by UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 standard, section 7.6 ‘’Control, monitoring and measuring equipment''.


The external calibrations with subsequent issuing of the Test Report, are carried out only on equipment which cannot be conveniently transferred to SM Laboratory. The calibration validity is assured by complying with the conditions set forth by international standards and by SM Quality Manual: in fact, the primary specimens used for external tests are ACCREDIA certified and the environmental conditions are acknowledged in calculating the uncertainty associated to the measurements, according to procedures.



  Roundness testers

  Mass specimens

  Circularity specimens


  Guizzo specimens

  Load cells

  Profilometers Scales


  Specimens for Profilometers wrenches

  Dynamometric wrenches

  Mechanical comparators

  Thermometers and thermal sensors

  Eletronic comparators


  Analogue/digital slide gauges transmitters

  Pressure transmitters

  Micrometers for indoors

  Profile Projectors

  Micrometers for outdoors

  Rockwell durometers

  Parallel plane blocks

  Brinell durometers

  Long blocks

  Vickers Durometers

  Graduated rulers

  Shore (A-D) durometers

  Smooth rings

  Digital multimeters

  Threaded rings

  Analogue multimeters

  Smooth pads and calibrated wires

  Ammeter clamps

  Threaded pads

  Revolution counters and counters

  Transit tools


  Total stations

  Tape measures


For instruments not listed herein, SM carries out the complete service in collaboration with SNT (National Calibration Service).

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